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Wings of Light and Love
I know Yvonne and believe that she is an incredible Reiki Healer. I called on Yvonne for assistance when I was unable to move my arm. It was frozen to my side. Each time she did Reiki on me I found that my arm would release. With her assistance I had a quickened healing time. I recommend Yvonne to my clients when I feel that Reiki is the best approach for them.
Reverend Wilma Zaltman

I woke up one morning and could not get out of bed. My back felt locked and any movement caused excruciating pain. I called my sister, who is a nurse, to find out what doctor to go to. She directed me to Yvonne Cook, a Reiki Master. After a 30 minute session of Reiki therapy with Yvonne I could move and stand up with only mild pain, I could function again. It was amazing!
Kevin Hussey
I use Reiki to help with my hip pain from arthritis. I must say that it actually does work! It's such a peaceful, uplifting experience. But Reiki helps with everything, not just hip pain. It helps with clarity, emotional pain, clearing your chakras and everything. I love the feeling of peace that comes along with getting Reiki treatments. Reiki works wonders. It really does.
Reiki has helped me through some very rough times in my life. I tend to keep a lot of my feelings built up inside, suppressing bad experiences and not realizing the toll they take on me. When I was given Reiki, I was able to completely release the darkness inside and focus on the positive things in my life. Things became much clearer, and my path seemed more laid out in front of me. One very specific time that Reiki helped me physically was about 2 years ago. I had just finished cheering at a competition where I was thrown into a basket toss and caught very roughly by my peers. My back was completey thrown out and I could barely walk, and not even stand up straight without crying. I was laid on a bed and within 45 minutes of Reiki given by Yvonne, I was completely healed. During the session, I was completely relaxed and felt nothing but warm graceful hands. I got up right away and could walk, bend, and move perfectly without pain. The pain never returned. I love the practice of Reiki and I will continue to receive it throughout my life because I am confident in the healing power of it.

Reiki is a very relaxing and peaceful experience. After a Reiki treatment I feel more balanced and more open minded about addressing the issues that are stressing me out. I feel the powerful energy during Reiki sessions. The most enlightening part is the pool of purple water that changes to a light. Different variations of purples...rushing in at once. And just when I wondering where this purple light is coming from, I'm back to reality and it's over. I can't always explain, why, or how, or what but I know something has changed. My most memorable experience is when I found out that my parents might get a divorce. I thought that it was going to keep hurting and that I would never stop crying. One quick session and everything was okay... I could breath again. It helped me calm myself enough to take a step back and realize that I needed to be more grounded with the situation.

My name is Betty Rodriguez. On October 15, 2006 I had a total mastectomy done due to being diagnosed with breast cancer. The day after my surgery Yvonne Cook came to my hospital room to visit me. I immediately was inspired by her beautiful soul. During our conversation she mentioned Reiki to me. I wasn't familiar with Reiki and I began to question what it was. She explained that Reiki was a type of treatment for energy and emotional and spiritual healing. After learning about what Reiki was, she asked if I would like her to do a treatment and I said of course. Once she began the treatment I began to feel a hot sensation inside of my body, an amazing internal peace, and energy. It was a feeling that I could not explain. Yvonne performed the treatments for five consecutive days while I was recovering in the hospital. From that day forward I began to feel at peace with myself after receiving five months of chemotherapy. Following the Reiki treatments I began to believe she was an angel not only for me but, for her other patients and co-workers. To this day I continue receiving chemotherapy and the Reiki treatments. Yvonne Cook has given me emotional support to help cope with what I am going through. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.

I first met with Yvonne in 1996. From the moment I saw her she inspired me to become confident and at peace. She has always been there to support me in every difficult situation of my life. I remember when she first started her Reiki classes. She used to give me relaxation treatments to bring good energy and spiritual peace to my life. Yvonne is the kind of person that inspires confidence, love and tranquilly. She always has the door open for anybody who needs her.
Most people are skeptics and do not believe in us being able to heal another. God has sent us Angels to help ease his/her load and help one another. It is a channeling of energy from the Universe. Wings of Light and Love and Yvonne certainly fit this bill. I have survived 4 cancers with Chemo and radiation. I have friends online that do Reiki and I know that they have helped me be here to write this. The doctors didn`t hold much stake in my recoveries. Funny how Yvonne came into my life. My bone density is low from all the treatments. I had fallen and had some compression fractures in my back. The home health nurse that came around to my home detected a sense of spirituality about me and asked if I would be interested in some holistic treatments. I laughed and said I had been looking for someone in the area but was unable to drive at the time. I also do Reiki, but have been inactive because of all my illnesses. This is how I found Wings of Light and Love ( and that it is! ). God and the Universe orchestrated this for me, sending Yvonne and the healing circle and all her healing levels to me. Synchronicity at its best!! If we put the intention out there, it will find us !! I experienced immediate relief upon receiving the treatments from Yvonne. Not cured, it isn`t meant for an instant cure. The pain eased and it was easier to move around. Other body parts that were bothering me also started to heal, especially my soul. I then broke my hip and upon getting back onto Long Island, I was again relieved of the intensity by the Reiki treatments and healing circle sessions through Yvonne. I have many emotional situations that the Reiki has helped ease. I was very frustrated and tired, but this has all breathed new life into me and given me back my spirituality, being and soul which I was losing to depression. Yvonne is quite knowledgeable in a number of different kinds of healings and levels and they are available for any of us. Each time I have gone for a different type of treatment, or to her healing circle, I feel a load of negative energy released. I feel so lifted and so much better in all areas. I feel more balanced with my chakras open and flowing. My vibrational level and aura are heightened. I hate for the treatments to end. If only they could make losing weight this easy and relaxing !! I have experienced so much, in all areas of my life, and with all my illnesses, that I have found this to be a tremendous release of stress, fear, fatigue, anger, and pain. I have been able to gain back strength and stamina that the illnesses and my sadness had depleted me of. Time to move on and live. As I have said, I have survived an awful lot and I know that I have Reiki, and other methods, and all the practitioners, to be thankful for. Yvonne has been my Guardian Angel and has used her healing techniques to help heal my body, mind and soul.
Thank you ... Joanne Pascucci

I was first introduced to Reiki in May 2008 shortly after a serious illness. My Reiki master, Yvonne, as well as the other ladies performing Reiki over me, showed me immediately their caring and nurturing qualities. I literally felt their energy flowing into me and continue to feel that way today as I get stronger physically. The atmosphere is serene and inviting and I so look forward to the weekly gatherings where we can share our stories and feel such warmth and love.
Peggy Folan

I started Reiki when I found out that I would have to go to chemo after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt this helped me to relax my mind so I could endure treatment. After a Reiki session I was able to sleep better. I also found comfort with the group session sharing experiences and just being supportive to each other. It also opened my mind to the spiritual aspect of angels being there for you to cope with life if you just ask them. I would highly recommend it.
Barbara Griffin
Dear Yvonne,
I wanted to thank you for your healing support and guidance after my twenty year old son, Joey, died February 6th, 2007. A dreaded day which reconnected you and I although our paths were chosen before his death. I knew when I saw you pass in the car only three days before, that you returned to my life for a specific purpose. As you remember, I had studied oriental holistic healing modalities and the philosophy that supports them. I had never had a private Reiki session during those studies but was waiting for that opportunity. How kind it was for you to offer you gift at such a critical time. 
I had no preconceived ideas about our session other than that I have known as a healthcare provider. Reiki had become proven to affect patient outcomes and could promote healing. I remember when we began the session I felt comforted just being in your presence surrounded by the crystals in the room. I gave emotional permission for you to heal me.
I can remember such vivid colors as you focused on my head. They changed from blue to green and violet. I also remember the blackness at some point. Time passed but I could not estimate how long it was before you transmitted to my chest. I remember feeling a surge of warmth which enveloped me and felt like a hug. I saw a bright light in the center of the colors. It's brightness blinded me but when I could focus , I saw a silhouette, which I knew to be my son in spirit. I felt tremendous peace come to me and I had a knowing that he was also at peace. Our sesson continued with many more colors and sensations. I still remember feeing the energy running through my feet. When you quietly left the room, I lay in completer peace holding onto that connection with my son. What else would a mother need to know but that her child was in a beautiful spirtual place, no longer in harms way. A child who I worried so much about throughout his life, had passed to a place where God could care for him. It was on of the most powerful moments of my life. During the session, you also commented that you felt there was some kind of blockage and dysfunction in my pelvic area. I had just been treated with medication to balance my uterine dysfunction and I had an ovarian cyst. You told me you could work on the area further and invited me back. A week or two later, I returned to you. I told you I was scheduled for surgery to remove a large uterine poly found on ultrasound. You spent time moving the energy around that area. I had been bleeding but later that day, I had increased cramping and passed what appeared to be tissue. The next day, I went for my procedure. When I awoke from anesthesia, my doctor said he was perplexed at the findings. There was no polyp although he saw an area where one might have been. We thought the ultrasound findings were mistaken. Two weeks later, I read my pathology report. It stated the tissue contained remnats of a polyp. You have relieved me from both the physical and emotional stressors and given by mind and my body peace. I pray you continue your practice and continue offering healing and peace throughout your life.

With appreciation and white light,
Lynn Vincuillo, CNM,OGNP,MS,RN