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Wings of Light and Love
Dear Mom,

Thank you (and Dr. Usui) for Reiki. As like everyone else, I was skeptical at first, but I now have a better understanding for the healing power of Reiki. Reiki has helped me through many sicknesses and colds, quizzes, tests, relationship issues, and just any day where my mood or energy was low. Nothing affects me like being in the middle of your Reiki Circles. I feel so serene and peaceful just lying there letting other people channel energy towards me. The best part is waking up 40 minutes later feeling like a new person. I feel rejuvenated like there is no physical ailment or emotional issue that could possibly bring me down. Thank you for showing and teaching me Reiki, even though performing it on myself doesn't yield nearly as much results as your healings do, hence why I still call you for it! I Love you Mom! Thank you for your love, your healings, your personality, your thoughts and prayers, for everything.


Even though I am not much of a believer when it comes to spiritual healing I must admit that Reiki has worked for me. I am not the kind of person who prefers actual medicine ( pills, syrups, etc) over spiritual healing because I am not fond of putting chemicals into my body, unless necessary. When my mother took interest in Reiki, I took it as a joke, thinking that this so called Reiki can't possibly be valid or perhaps work. But of course, the excellent daughter that I am, I allow her to work on me from time to time. One specific occasion was last year, December of 2007, when I had the removal of all 4 wisdom teeth. After walking out of the doctor’s office, I was in a great deal of pain! My mother performed Reiki on me right when we walked in the door, and I immediately fell asleep. When waking up a few hours later, I was expecting to look like a chipmunk. But to my surprise, I barely had any swelling! I was not even in too much pain. I did not even have to take any pain medications my whole week of bed rest, due to my mother performing Reiki any time that I felt discomfort. The pain would immediately go away! So now I know. Ask for Reiki whenever necessary!


Reiki has been an influence in many aspects of my life. One way is that Reiki has brought me closer with my mother as she has been my mentor and teacher. She has shown me the way to be better in life and move forward with a positive attitude. Reiki has been able to show me how to stay calm in situations both in my personal life as well as work. I have been able to work on my friends and loved ones and show people what I know. I have even introduced Reiki to people that had no clue about it and its benefits. I have brought smiles to people I have come across with, and a smile to me. I have become a stronger and better person since I am now a Reiki II Practitioner and I am more than grateful for my mother.

Thank you and Love You,
I was suffering from a shoulder injury that had me pretty debilitated. I could hardly move my left arm and when I did, I was in a lot of pain. Yvonne did a few sessions of Reiki on me while I was down visiting my father in Florida for his 80th birthday. I'd never experienced Reiki before and although not totally skeptic, I had my doubts. Well, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and Yvonne was behind me and I could not see her or what she was doing, but as I sat there concentrating on trying to feel anything different within me, I could feel this energy and warmth travel up through my body to my shoulders and neck area. It almost felt like there was a small heat lamp near by...just enough to feel a slight temperature difference. I felt tingly and relaxed, very relaxed. Yvonne continued later to send Reiki long distance and I truly feel that helped speed up my recovery from this injury significantly. Eight months later Yvonne is down here visiting me in Georgia for a few days and she does another hand on Reiki session with me. I was sitting in a recliner with her seated behind me in a kitchen chair. Again, my eyes were closed and I was concentrating on my inner feelings and sensations, and Yvonne had me so calm and relaxed I could feel the energy work from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. I could have dozed off I was so relaxed. That 20 minutes was better than any 8 hours of sleep I've ever had as far as being restful. I tell my friends and my doctors about it, although many don't understand or believe in it... or just are uninformed about healing energies! I personally look forward to many more sessions with Yvonne!
She's not just my sister, she's my Reiki mama !!!  :-)
Love ya Y.

I would like everybody to know how wonderful Reiki is and helped me through a period of discomfort and pain after back surgery in February 2008. My daughter, Yvonne, is a master-practitioner of Reiki She lives in Long Island N.Y. and I live in Florida. Yvonne explained to me that Reiki can be effective when sent long distance with one or several practitioners all focusing on a person who needs the treatment. Treatment is not physically invasive and it certainly was effective in my case. The home-nurses assigned for my care and assistance were surprised that I did so well in my recovery and nicknamed me "wonder woman". After about two weeks I suddenly went downhill and was not doing well. I called Yvonne and she said " Oh oh". She had told everybody who had participated to stop the Reiki. They started Reiki on me again and it did not take long before I felt much better. The two nurses assigned to me said that in their many years of nursing they had never seen or heard of such a speedy recovery. I believe in the power of Reiki and recommend it to everybody.

My Family

Since you are in my life a lot of things have changed. After you gave me a Reiki treatment in May I began to feel different. I had many problems in my back and spent nearly 10 years half of the day in bed, was depressed, had to take many pills to numb the pain, and was quite a mess. It was like a miracle after your treatment. My strength got better, my depression lifted and I had positive energy and began letting go of the negative feeling I had for so long! Every time I need Reiki you give it to me long distance with a lot of success! Like the other day when I fell twice in two days. I thought I had to go to the hospital for treatment , but another miracle happened. By the next day I could move and walk, almost as if nothing happened. I learned Reiiki 1 as I was home in the Netherlands again, and I was glad to have you as my guide and teacher for my second degree. It will always be a great part of my life and I will be taking more classes in the future!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Your cousin Moniek