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Reiki was introduced to me by Yvonne, a Master Practitioner of Reiki. I was not familiar with it at all when Yvonne first
started speaking about it. But I knew if Yvonne was interested in it, Reiki had to be good for you. Yvonne herself is a
very healing and spiritual person, so at the time she started working with Reiki, she herself was faced with many
changes going on in her life. I witnessed a dear friend, very scared, distraught and anxious not able to think she could
ever make the right decisions concerning her life. Reiki gave Yvonne a new purpose in life. It also gave her new strength
and a clearer and calmer mind she would need at the time to make the right decisions at a truly difficult time. I now can
tell you that I've seen wonderful changes in Yvonne's outlook in life. Yvonne always wanted to help heal anyone or
anything she touched with the skill of Reiki. She has found a new meaning of life. I thank Reiki for how its helped
Yvonne heal herself and now Yvonne can and has helped heal all of us. It’s also helped myself, friends, and family
members through sickness and the loss of a mother who also believed in Reiki and Yvonne. Reiki is lucky to have
Yvonne's hands and mind, above all, the love of life and healing of all beings.
Kathy Scarafile
The past few months I have been seeing floating black spots in my left eye on a daily basis, I knew it was a floater and
that there is really nothing that can be done. Last week the spots became larger and more frequent, it started to disturb
my vision. Along with that, I started to experience ashing white light in the peripheral vision also in my left eye. I now
became concerned. I made an appt. to see an eye doctor. I was told that there was no retinal tear or detachment, but...
if the symptoms worsened I had to come to the office immediately. Very upset I emailed Yvonne and told her I needed
Reiki. She sent me long distance Reiki...........that was Wednesday. On Thursday, our Reiki Share/Circle night, Yvonne kept
her hands over my eyes. I felt a different sensation over my left eye. It felt like something was holding my eye lid closed,
then I started to feel almost like a restructuring of my eye. I felt very light and peaceful. Since Thursday night, I have had
a significant change in condition. I have seen very little black spots floating, and almost no flashing white light.
The power of Reiki is real.
Terry Leone RN BSN Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher IET Master-Instructor
Yvonne's generous offer to open her home and heart to Reiki has beneted a countless number of people. I am
fortunate to be the "honorary RN" among the Reiki practitioners who gather in her home once a week to offer Reiki
healing. I feel blessed after each healing session. I am given the opportunity to experience and witness the
transformation of spiritual, emotional and health related issues. We are now experiencing an era in which the effect of
everyday life has become strenuous. Reiki offers a way to transform feelings of distress and struggle into peace within.
A peaceful state within is where peace on earth begins.
Marie Finnegan
Spiritual Artist
I first became interested in Reiki when my sister was diagnosed with cancer and her cancer support group suggested
she go to Reiki. At that time I knew my friends at work practiced Reiki and brought my sister to Yvonne for a treatment
which was paid for by another friend at work who did not even know my sister. Immediately I realized we were
surrounded by a group of very loving, peaceful people and I wanted to be a part of it. Upon walking into Yvonne's
house you just get a sense of comfort and peacefulness and I have felt that every time I have walked in her house for
the past two years. I started getting Reiki treatments for myself. In a very short period of time I started to feel a sense
of tranquility, calmness and wellbeing that I had not felt before. I found myself longing for my next treatment two to
three days after each treatment. Reiki has given me insight as to who I am and what I want in my life. It has inspired me
to be a better, more loving, and giving human being who feels energized and thankful everyday for having Reiki and
Reiki practitioners in my life. I've since attended Yvonne's Reiki classes 1 and 2 and now regularly come to practice Reiki
at the Reiki circle. I use it to help friends and family also. My own children, husband and siblings have noticed how Reiki
brings me happiness, tranquility and well being. There is no greater loving and good feeling friendships than the ones
I have with everyone I meet at the Reiki circle and I am very thankful for that.
With much Love and Gratitude,
Debbie Scott R.N.
When my brother was taken to the emergency room, we never expected to hear what we were told. At 49 years old,
everything should be able to be fixed. Not so in this case. Anyway it was in this awful tragedy that I became introduced
to Reiki. In just under two days time, my brother Geoff ended up in a coma with little chance for survival. We were
devastated. My other brother was crippled with pain from multiple herniations in his back. So desperate to be at the
hospital daily with us, Paul would drive to the front doors, my son would meet him with a wheelchair and then one of
us would go park his car. How could all this be happening? How could one brother be dying and the other be suffering
so very much? Then one day, Yvonne started to share the Reiki philosophy with me. I was curious and not sure what to
believe. I was assured my belief system in no way impacted the energy. Yvonne in her daily visit and support session
with me, offered to do Reiki on my brother Paul, crippled with pain sitting in the ICU waiting room. Right there with
folks all around, Paul sat on the magazine table so that he could have a Reiki session. He was ready and willing to do
anything that offered a promise of less pain. Paul described a comfortable feeling of warmth that permeated his whole
being after his Reiki session. He did not know how, but also didn't care. Not sure what to think, but happy to feel
anything good. So our vigil went on in the ICU waiting room. Although no miracle was in store for my dying brother
Geo, Paul was able to gradually decrease his need for narcotics to reduce his excruciating pain. The reasons for the
pain still remained. There had not been enough medication to relieve the pain he was feeling although he had been
taking so much, he was groggy. After a month of Reiki, he had successfully tapered himself off everything! The pain
remained yet was somehow tolerable. By the time my brother Geoff passed away, Paul was able to walk as a pallbearer
shoulder to shoulder with his brother, son and nephews and retire his wheelchair for good.
Andrea F. Norris, RN
I am an allopathic physician who has been practicing rehabilitation medicine for over 13 years. I had had a small growth
surgically removed from the tip of my nose and a few days post-operatively was still experiencing pain and some
swelling. Yvonne, who consults for the hospital I practice in, noticed the bandage I was wearing over the wound and
offered to perform Reiki therapy to reduce my pain and enhance the healing process. Though a bit skeptical, I decided
to try a session of Reiki. The result was truly surprising. Not only was the pain eliminated but I noticed the redness and
swelling around the surgical site had reduced. In addition, at the time and unknown to Yvonne, I had a painful tooth
abscess. By the evening I noticed my tooth pain was signicantly reduced and by the next morning the swelling around
the gum was dramatically minimized. I also slept quite well. Subsequent to the first treatment I had 2 more treatments
that were also effective. I now view Reiki as a powerful therapeutic method and Yvonne Cook as a skilled practitioner.
There was a deffinite energetic charge I experienced when undergoing the therapy which I feel is now a part of my mind
and body. Reiki is now a treatment I recommend to my patients.
Adam Isaacson, MD
Nassau County, NY
Wings of Light and Love
I sustained a face injury due to a bicycle accident and had surgery to repair my facial bones. The day of the injury I had a great amount of facial pain. I went to Yvonne's home and had a Reiki treatment which lessened the pain. The day after the surgery I had a second 30 minute treatment. I did not have to take pain medication. The following day I went again and continued to get better after each treatment. I was told to take a week off from work and I went back after 3 days.
Kerry Masset RN

Thank you for introducing me to Reiki!!! The experience is a wonderful way of life. You have a gift that you have shared with me and countless others. The benefit of your generosity is far beyond description. The Reiki healing circle that you host weekly benefits both the givers and receivers. I will always cherish your friendship, expertise and wonderful ability to mentor me as a student. May you continue your success surrounded in white light.
Blessings, Kathyann RN

I would like everyone to know how much Reiki helped my husband and I with pain management. I was receiving home nursing services for a post operative non healing infection. Yvonne was good enough to come to my home and provided Reiki resulting in pain relief and accelerated wound healing allowing me to return to work sooner. Yvonne also started Reiki on my husband for shoulder pain due to a 2nd rotator cuff tear. My husband was hooked...Reiki was more effective than the anti inflammatory medication he was taking. In 2007 my husband became hospitalized with a life threatening illness and received visitation and Reiki treatments from Yvonne. Reiki managed his pain freeing him from greater amounts of narcotics. It gave him a sense of well being and hope and allowed him to enjoy family visits. Towards the end of his illness he would ask for Yvonne daily. Later that year my husband passed. I was traumatized. Yvonne invited me to come to her Reiki healing circle. With the help of Reiki, I was able to pull myself out of the grip of grief. I received many Reiki treatments for physical, mental, and emotional healing. I was energized and slowly the weight on my heart started to lift. I could breathe and start to see the world again knowing that my husband was in a better place and would always be with me. My family and friends would say I looked better and ask what I was taking.
I told just about everybody of my Reiki experience and how uplifting I felt. I looked forward to the weekly Reiki..I could close my eyes and connect with the healing energy. I felt complete calmness. I left with the feeling of increasingly knowing that everything would be okay. The drive home was peaceful. Falling asleep was never a problem after a Reiki session. Reiki, along with the warm, loving support of the Reiki healers and my family brought me to where I am today. I'm in a better place within myself and can start to make life plans. As I gathered more information about Reiki, I found myself longing to become a Reiki healer - to become more in touch with the Reiki process and energy flow. This has inspired me and I have attended Reiki I and Reiki II classes. It is wonderful to meet weekly with such loving spiritual people who generously give their time to practice reiki at the Reiki circle with Yvonne. I feel blessed and am thankful to Yvonne for her time, love and energy she devoted to me. My life is very different and I now know my husband will always be with me. I plan to continue to learn and practice Reiki at the Reiki circle so that others may enjoy the many benefits of Reiki healing.
Gail Peri,RN

Reiki is a magnificent healing modality. I’ve been blessed to be the recipient of many healing treatments. One of those experiences I’ll share with you. One day while at work I was very ill with a cold. Symptoms were a severe sinus infection with a headache, runny nose and fatigue. My friend Yvonne, who at that time was a level one Reiki practitioner, grabbed me, as she typically does, to perform a Reiki healing. My symptoms immediately subside with instant headache relief. By the end of the day I forgot that I had been ill. Reiki does work. The experience is not the same for everyone. The healing process may lead one to seek the proper medical attention or it may aid a medical professional to the correct solution. Many times the healing is not instant but instead gradual. The secret is to recognize how. If it appears that the effect is not immediate it could be due subtle changes. Or, the delay may be a result of a lesson to be learned from the illness. The lesson may not be yours but instead for someone close to you to learn. I’ve been the product and witness to many benefits of Reiki’s miracles. It is a powerful healing tool.
Valerie Evans, RN

I have had some very peaceful and happy experiences during my reki sessions but my most memorable was when my grandmother came to me. The colors were very bright and bursting into the next. When they calmed down, there was my grandmother. I felt as if I were a child again with her; it was a very relaxing feeling seeing her.
Maria Mercurio

Dear Yvonne,
Thank you so much for helping me through the art of Reiki. I've been coming to you for about four months. I suffer from neck and lower back pain from a car accident. The Reiki helps me to relax which causes my muscles to ease up and therefore relieves my pain. So far it is not a cure but it helps relieve the pain which is a blessing to me. Thank you so much for sharing your home and art with me. God bless you and I hope to continue with you.
Your Friend, Vinny
After too many harried and hassled days as a physician in an understaffed hospital Yvonne reached out to me and said
"Can I send you some distance healing?" Of course I had no idea what she was talking about. In the middle of the chaos
of the hospital Yvonne attempted to explain Reiki and its benefits. Finally, she asserted that I just needed to experience it
to understand. My first session with Yvonne was in my office, the cornerstone of my turmoil. And yet, the experience was
transformative. For 10 minutes I was focused, breathing better and "healed ". The benefits of that first session lasted all
day. As I rushed through my daily rounds, Yvonne regularly offered me long distance healing. This time I didn't hesitate
and knew the benefits without asking. Soon after my mood would change and my day seemed to get better. I was a
better physician after the sessions. I may not have ever stated the words, but I was so thankful that Yvonne’s healing
touch was directed my way.
Dr. Jeeny Job.